ECONEX is Online Shopping Store in Pakistan. It connects millions of customers and consumers with top manufacturers in Pakistan. Our system removes the selling barriers in the shape of middle-men and saves that cost to provide a discount and best deals to the customers.

As in the fact. the biggest gap in online selling is “delivering the quality”. It is often found that customers usually order from a currently operated online store a product but when they receive, it is not often the same which they expected, sometimes, not even close to that. That’s why consumers are steadily losing the trust of E-commerce in Pakistan. ECONEX will fulfil the gap with its core target as “ECONEX will never compromise with the quality check” of the products and services before delivering to the customers. The safe, secure, and easy payment system of the ECONEX will enable ease in online selling and purchasing of the goods and services in Pakistan.

Besides being an online shopping store, ECONEX also significantly working in other services like DMIT, SEO and E-commerce courses for every individual. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is actually a scientific study based test of the fingerprint patterns which identifies the potential and personality type of the individuals. Therefore, the counselling (of applicant individuals who will submit a sample of fingerprints in any of our centres) will be made by the professional psychologists based on the results of DMIT test.

Furthermore, ECONEX provides services of teaching digital-courses of E-commerce to the potential business, commerce, IT, and interested students by the professionals which include online selling, drop shipping, Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing etc. Overall, this project will help enhance empowerment and prosperity in the territory while removing sells barriers and providing the best opportunities to both manufactures and as well as consumers.

                                                                                        Vision Statement

“Our vision is to be perfect”

                                                                                        Mission Statement

“Our the mission is to connect top manufactures with customers and deliver the quality products and services”