Why Us


Econex is a group of multiple projects working for the right change in the business world of Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the brightest countries of the world related to the strategic position and importance. The country has a lot of blessings of Allah Almighty. But due to some unwanted hindrances and incompetence’s, this country has not so well developed as it’s supposed to be. The trends are now rapidly changing. After globalization and borderless commerce activities, we have got opportunities to learn and implement the constructive activities within our local markets. So, we learned, practised, and implemented the constructive activities and here we are with ECONEX.

ECONEX believe in adopting the continuous changes in the market very rapidly. We got a team of professional and top influencers from Pakistan, who continuously looking at the changes with respect to technology, globalization, culture, trends, and ways to create ease for the individuals. So, we got such flexibility to cope-up the changes and challenges in the business world just to create ease for the individuals. That’s is what ECONEX is being called, “the perfect”.

Besides being an online shopping store, Econex also significantly involved in other services like DMIT, SEO and E-commerce courses to every individual. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is actually a scientific study based test of the fingerprint patterns which identifies the potential and personality type of individuals. Therefore, the counselling (of applicant individuals who will submit a sample of fingerprints in any of our centres) will be made by the professional psychologists based on the results of DMIT test.

Furthermore, Econex provides services of teaching digital-courses of E-commerce to the potential business, commerce, IT, and interested students by the professionals which include online selling, drop shipping, Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing etc. Overall, this project will help enhance empowerment and prosperity in the territory while removing sells barriers and providing the best opportunities to both manufactures and as well as consumers.

So, the question arises, why ECONEX? It’s really simple to understand. The reasons, why you chose ECONEX? are described as follows:

v  ECONEX is Online Shopping Store in Pakistan which belief in the quality first.

v  ECONEX mediates customers and manufacturer directly without involving dealers, wholesaler, retailer, and sub-retailer

v  ECONEX save the cost of middle-man  and offer discount deals to both customers and manufacturers

v  ECONEX deliver the quality directly from only the top manufacturers of Pakistan

v  ECONEX is led by well-known, reputable, and most trusted and influencing team from Pakistan

v  ECONEX is currently working as an online shopping store in Pakistan, provide DMIT services, Teaching a wide range of courses and working in affiliate marketing. ECONEX has achieved this mark in a very short span of time. So, ECONEX is a rapidly growing organization in Pakistan. Thus, the organization has a bright future, so as its affiliate individuals has sure a bright future.

This is how we distinguish. Therefore, join your hand with ECONEX and be a part of a bright future.

Good Luck!