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Biovert Cleaner

1 x $4.00

Cillit Bang

1 x $4.00

Clarke CFP Floor

1 x $4.00
Subtotal: $4.00

Our Projects

Our Projects.


An online store is a project by Econex which can provide a convenient way to shop for items, allow people to find itemsthey may not be able to find in physical stores, and help people save money. The store can also help support small businesses and create jobs in the community.

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We create different bundles to sell products and services online and let our community members use the technique of ‘direct sale’ and earn a handsome commission. This reduces the cost of a middle man and that is turned into commission which is divided into teams in favour of their selling efforts.

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The purpose of Pnex (Property of next generation) is to provide solution to all problems related to real estate along with educating people the new ways they can adapt to outperform in the real estate business in Pakistan. We aim to create opportunities for people who wanted to reach the next level in the sector.

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We provide skills development training online and teach and train our community members about different skills which they can utilize in future and earn handsome earnings.

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